Frequently asked questions

What is the weather like in Las Vegas during the summer?

Summer weather in Las Vegas is hot and dry. The outside temperature ranges from 80°F (26°C) - 110°F (43°C), however the hotels, casinos, and convention center will all be thoroughly air conditioned.

I will not be attending the conference in person, but would like to do a pre-recorded presentation or present via skype. Is this possible?

Sorry, no. Due to time constraints, the number of speakers will be limited.

Should I bring my Micronational passport?

Yes! Many attending micronations will stamp your passport. Remember though, that your micronational passport isn’t likely to get you through U.S. Customs if you're traveling from outside the United States.

Is there an age restriction on attendees?

All attendees must be over the age of 18, or have a parent or guardian present in their delegation.

What is the exact date and location of MicroCon 2021?

The Organizing Committee is still in the process of determining the specific details such as date and venue. There are several factors to consider, including maximizing the number of attendees, and keeping costs low while providing a superior conference experience.